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OSGI for Javascript

We recently started working with OSGI (1) in our project and it’s petty nice. It’s a system for managing dependencies at runtime, enabling deploying and undeploying modules at runtime, with modules (‘bundles’ in OSGI terminology) automatically being stopped when a module it depends on goes away for some reason, and restarted when it comes back. Not too big or complex, just a small framework that gets the job done. Actually OSGI is a specification and the framework is an open source implementation of it called Apache Felix (2).

We develop in Eclipse and recently I stumbled upon an article about Eclipse E4, the soon to be fourth incarnation of the Eclipse IDE.

What was interesting about it is that the Eclipse people are looking at projects like Firefox with very succesfull add-on systems and are aspiring to implement the same ability to be able to write plugins in Javascript. Traditionally Eclipse plugins are written in Java and deployed as OSGI bundles, but OSGI is not available for javascript. Javascript doesn’t even have packages and namespaces, let alone bundles. But the cool thing about javascript is that you can bend it to your will. So they implemented javascript namespaces in the same way the people of Dojo (3) did and on top of that created a system that will let you write OSGI bundles in javascript. How cool is that? This kind of clear dependency management is what’s needed to scale javascript powered web applications to the extent that they can rival desktop applications.